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Nebolish and Boxer PHOTOS

In 2009 we introduced the Black(Reverse Brindle) Boxer to our line-

This is "Duke" our primary Boxer male we are crossing back to Tooma Daughters and my Import Girls, the pups have been incredible with wonderful temperament, intelligence and working drive.  For those of you who want more History on the Black(Seal or Reverse Brindle) Just ask, there is a lot of history. 

Speaking of History, here is a photo of Duke's Sire, he is a Reverse Brindle.  With alot of substance that is passed on thru the line, as you can see he has alot of flash.  Duke produces both Fawn and Brindle pups in all shades, depending on what we breed him back too.  Our goal is always to improve our bloodline, to produce pups with substance and intelligence.  Temperament you cannot ask for better, its passed down from generation to generation. 

Boxers and children just go together.  We have some wonderful puppies that are now in there new homes.   With his genetics you can see why I chose   to add Duke   to our family.

As you can see the Reverse Brindle(Black) also sires Fawn and Brindle pups.  Color is all preference.  Fawn can be from Light to dark, Brindle from Barely stripes showing to The Sealed, Reverse or Black Brindle coat.  They are all Brindle.  Below are more Duke Babies, Incredible Technically Brindle, but we call them Black. 

See Mia under glass, at 3 mos. our first female Black Boxer produced here in 2009.  Pictured with Muscles, her cousin.  The family loved the first Boxer from us, so they came back for there second.  This is why we raise our dogs for wonderful families to own quality healthy dogs.   When people get there second or third puppy from me, or there vet gets a puppy, I know were doing something right!

Duke's son at - 1 yr old.  You can imagine how he will mature.  Ear cropping gives the dog an entire different look, more Regal or fierce, they still have that same temperament, yet a bit more intimidating. 

Its hard to imagine a Black Boxer until you see one.  Thats how I was, when I seen my first one in person in 1997, I knew I had to have one....now 12 years later, we started producing some of the most wonderful ones you can find. 

This is Cucina another pup sired by Duke.  Could not ask for a more perfect Sealed Brindle female.  Of course you can call her Reverse, seal, or Black, she is beautiful by any name.

We truly have found that Boxers are beautiful in all colors!  We do not breed for white, but when they arrive they are wonderful. 

Mother Eyota and her  Daughter Georgia, technically they are called Check, since they have white on face, two of our girls who have now retired from Breeding had incredible pups, some with flash some without, it depends on who you mated them with.   Our females are just as important in the health and longevity of our line.   

This is Boss and Abby.  At 100lbs Boss is an ideal cross to Abby at 65lbs. 

Can you see where she gets her Socks from?  I love this photo of Tia who lives in Washington, she is 14 weeks old, and her ears are just starting to do the "flying NUN" which is the Ideal time to crop them.   Every pup is different on exact age, you want to do there ears.  I try to explain, but the picture says it all.

Bruno at 6 weeks, just waiting for his family to pick him up.

Luna waiting for someone to throw the rope

Boss with his son Kimo, he has produced some wonderful babies his daughters were a great cross back to Tooma.  When selecting the right dogs to produce a litter its up to the breeder to choose wisely to produce better pups than the breeding stock.   There is a lot of careful planning and analyzing the bloodlines to find traits in one dog that are needed in another.  Its always our goal to have incredible healthy babies for wonderful families.

Jig lives in California, he is the best friend to his entire family, has never had any issues he was the only check pup born in the litter, he got his name since he is marked like a Jigsaw puzzle...I sometimes refer to them as puzzle pups, since I'm always puzzled when they are born from 2 solid Boxers...

There is always a chance of a White or Check Boxer appearing in any litter, with careful selection you reduce the chance, but the Flashy ones people adore, when bred together tend to produce the white pups.    Did you know that the first Boxers were white or checked?  Look at Boxer History.   I can send more information on it, just ask.  We have found in 25+ years of breeding that if you have genetic flaws in your line they will appear in the white pups born in your litter.  If your Genetics are wonderful, then the white pups have the same genetic makeup as the rest of the litter.  We have NEVER produced a Deaf or Blind Boxer. 

Isn't she a beauty!  This incredible traditional Brindle is a result of Breeding Doxie to Duke

Beautiful Brindle Coat with a nice solid Body.  Cannot fault this girl.

Scout Son of Tooma, enjoying life in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this photo taken by his owners pool, he is 1 year old.  His family have been wonderful about keeping me updated.

Look how he has matured, Now at 100# Scout is truly the Tooma son his owners were wanting.   Can you see Tooma in him?

Scout loves to swim with his family in his pool in Las Vegas Nevada. 

Boxers love to go with you for romps in the woods, or relaxing by your side they are the most happy just being with there people.  Can you believe this is New York, Java and Bookie cannot wait for whatever comes next.  Its wonderful to be owned by a Boxer!

The only thing better than one Boxer is two.  Dolly and Doc in Nebraska.

Boxers want to be family members.  They are fine in the heat or in the snow, so long as your with them.  Java Love to play in the New York snow.  Of course she is ready to come lay next to the fireplace the next moment.

Tex lives in Ohio,  At only 14 months old, he has great manners, and enjoys quiet evenings by the fire.

 Such Human expression.   What a wonderful pose,  Photo at 18mos, wait till those muscles start filling out,                Cruze lives in New Mexico.

 Just a little game of Hide and Seek. Snow is just another thing to play in.                                                     Wanna Play...

Bodie lives in California, his owners have shown him and done quite well.  I am not sure if has completed his championship yet.  Last update they were doing conformation and Obedience.

Abby and Ben live in North Carolina, with there family.  Look at how much Ben has grown.


Here are Ben and Abby a few years later, with there best friend, bet its kinda crowded on that couch now!

We don't say our Boxers can walk on water, but there new owners may think they do.  I have been sent proof, that our dogs do walk on water.  This is Bobbi in Massachusetts.

Boxers in history are naturally active, agile, healthy, happy family members. They are eager to learn and want to please.  It is our goal to continue the legacy and have both family members and working dogs in our lines.

  If your wanting a dog with drive, you should see "Dallas" he needs three tennis Balls to keep him going...even on snow covered ground, he is unphased.  After a good romp with his owner he is happy to lay by her side and wait for there next adventure.

This is Burton, a Flyball CHAMPION!  Yes he competes with all those Border collies and comes out on top.  This dog loves to please his owner, and when he is not flyballing he lives in a condo with his owner.

Just seeing her reminds me of Tooma, she is a Grandaughter.  Java, talk about a protection dog, she has her CGC with AKC and her owner is working on her OB title.  Java is ready to go, she lives in New York, and is now producing a few pups of her own, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Below is her son 

This is Gambler, also on the East Coast, he is the son of Java, and loves to work, his owner plans to title him in Schutzhund.

A few months later with great training and a little time a little effort, and look what you have. 

Boxers are agile, with the desire and intellect to do anything you want them to. 

The key to any training is starting early, here we have Sonny and his best friend, they have Graduated Puppy School.  His owner is very proud, and plans to go on into agility.

This is Dagger, the Boxer I trained and certified as a K9 Narcotics dog, he was the first AKC Boxer that received his title with NNDDA in 2002, We Competed in the Nationals, nothing but cops and dogs, of course we heard the snickers, a female and a Boxer, but not for long after we placed in the top 20 in the world.  Placing  above many Labradors and German Shepards.  The only Boxer that was an actual active working   "Drug Dog" for the State of Texas. 

Dagger with looks and drive to do anything you want him to do.  I only hope all our pups can have his almost human intellect.  Of course anyone who has ever loved a Boxer knows they understand every word you say, your best friend happy to listen anytime you need them.

Dagger baby, at only 5 weeks he is poised and focused.

Doxie cannot say enough great things about this girl, Originally she was placed in a wonderful home, her owner regretfully had to return her, boy was I happy to have such a perfect addition come back to me...this girl is a Tooma daughter, out of my Czech Schutzhund Titled girl that I'm crossing back to Duke.

Doxie passes on her outstanding temperament and intellect on to all her babies.

Our dogs partied with us on New Years, we told you they were family members!

We started raising our Nebolish in 1996 as you can tell they are incredible.  This dog is large, not Huge...expect 100 to 150, and possible to get to 180.  I have heard claims of 200 but as I tell everyone if you need a 200lb dog, better stick to Old English, Nebolish are the most agile of the Mastiff breeds, I prefer a good sized healthy dog anyday. 


Its hard to believe Nebolish Mastiffs are ever this small.  This is "Texas" pictured at 3 days old.  We supplement feed to ensure all of our babies get there share.

Just Waiting... a 4ft. fence is no problem, as long as they know your coming home to them a Nebolish is happy to wait.

You may find after getting one Nebolish that you need another... Sally is 2 yr in this photo and her Brindle friend Madison just 10mos. Look at those legs she is going to grow into.  Nebolish grow slower than other Mastiff breeds, they grow until there 3 years old.

Hard to imagine he will ever grow into that Bowl, it does not take too long.

Woody who lives in Montana, seems to have nothing but the good life.  This is just what I expect for all our babies. 

Jada is a Blue Brindle, she loves to ride in the truck, notice not a pool of slobber to be found.  Nebolish have  "NO drool!" problem, which makes them an ideal companion.

Nebolish Love a good romp in the snow, they really adapt to all climates, just like any child.  Where his parents go they follow. 

Titus lives in Toronto Canada he flew in, and his parents picked him up after customs.  Its quite a bit different from Texas.  Looks like Titus has adapted fine, spoiled rotten, awaiting his next outing.

Freya enjoying the good life in the Texas Hill Country.

My what big feet you have...At only 4 mos old, Freya has paws that look like they may grown into her owners hand.

Crate training is always suggested for your puppy.  This is probably the most elaborate crate I have ever seen, really nice, a plastic airline type one works fine, but only the best for Nebolish "Dozer" who lives in Ohio with his family. 

Our babies are raised underfoot!  Socilazation starts before there eyes open.  Nebolish have outstanding temperament with children, I would never breed a dog that I could not trust with my children, so I know our pups will be great with your children.

Seamus lives in Maine, looking handsome at 5 mos. old and 60 lbs he is growing like a weed. 

Son of Judge, "Seamus" who lives in Maine with his family, he is spoiled rotten, at 9 mos old and a joy to all who know him.

Seamus enjoying the good life in Maine, now at 18 mos, and 120lbs.  I look forward to updates from our puppy families.  Seeing them grow and knowing the joy they bring to so many people.

Cuthburton, he now lives in Tennessee, as you can see lots of toys to keep him happy.

We enjoy keeping in contact with our puppy families, look forward to updates and photos for years to come

Soon there feet will be almost the same size. 

Choosing may be the hardest part of the entire process...I will help all I can.  We will make certain you get a wonderful baby,

We play with our babies, and start them right, Nebolish love children, and will be handled daily by them.  My daughter is always eager for there eyes to open, so she can take each puppy into our living room and watch movies...

They are the most agile of the Mastiff breeds.  They will stay where you want them, in a neighborhood or pasture, I have a 4ft Livestock fence, never a problem.  This is "Bo" as you can see he loves to play ball and can almost see over the top of the 6ft fence.

Nebolish need minimal bathing and grooming.  They are only seasonal shedders. 

Nebolish do fine in a subdivision, just remember they do expect to be members of the family.  This is a great water bowl, Kuma enjoys playing with her ball!

Fawn with a Blue Mask, we have produced 2 of them.

Fawn with Blue Mask at 7 weeks, she now lives in Connecticut.

Sampson at 9 weeks, he lives in Maryland.

Jaycee with her human, they live in Virginia, this girl is just the perfect Nebolish Mastiff.  Love the light color, very proud of her.  She is exactly what we want our Nebolish pups to be.   Well behaved, family members.

This is Jaycee at 9 weeks and 18 months

Jaycee loves to just hang out by the lake, and be one of the family. 

Always watching and observing her family, Nebolish truly want to be your best friend.

Be certain your pup has lots of things he can chew, so he will stay away from things he is not suppose to eat...Frankie from California enjoys his Bone. 

This is my first Nebolish Mastiff Juno, I got her in 1996, she was a wonderful girl, we lost her at 13 years old, she just went to sleep one night.  Juno was really a best friend my companion on many trail rides.  Never did I worry being out on the trail with her around, she would keep predators away, both 2 and 4 legged.  This all came to her naturally.  Of course we started early training and socialized from day 1

Nebolish girls Junotoo and Copper, these girls produce some wonderful babies for us.

Must be Love Introducing your Nebolish to cats or anything they are suppose to love is simple  Nebolish will Love anything you tell them too.  Can you be a good role Model, and explain the rules?

Nebolish get along fine with other breeds, and other animals, yes they have been known to love a cat...of course like any breed you need to properly introduce.  Once again it all goes back to training....  This is Muffin and her friend a Cavalier Spaniel, living it up in Oregon.

We do expect the best for our babies, this is Moose, Enjoying the goodlife, poolside in Arizona.

Taz, at only 5mos old, he is already looking regal and proud to protect his place, he lives in Corpus Christi Texas, his next yard is going to be in Panama 

Dozer at 4mos old  He lives in Indiana.  Notice his unique Brindle coloring, simply stunning.

These babies are only 3 days old.  At first they look fawn, but if you look you can see there barely brindle markings. Choosing your pup is so much fun watching them grow and develop is very exciting, you will get updates, as they change.

Ready to hit the Boat, it made me smile to see they have her in a life Jacket, she loves the water, and they want to be certain when there out on the lake, if she goes for a swim she is safe...

I often get asked about Nebolish and water, they really enjoy going for a swim, but they are not like a Lab who craves the water.  Ours enjoy the lake and Beach, will fetch a Ball a few times, then look at you, as if saying "Why did you throw that?"

It will not be long there feet will be almost the same size.

This is Gregor, he lives in Alberta, Canada with his wonderful family.  We were particularly interested in knowing if there was a drooling problem because he seems to have a bit more flews(hanging lip) his owners say never a problem at all with slobber.  Which is what is wonderful about the Nebolish mastiff breed, they love being indoors and no need to clean up drool!  Nebolish mastiffs are often called a dry mouth Mastiff.

Blue Nebolish Mastiff Babies Born here at Jaderanch  They are just beautiful girls.  Kimber and Jazmine.  We hope to have Blue babies from them.  See how they have grown below.

Our Three Blue Girls, Cali, and her two babies Kimber and Jazmine at 10 months.  Of course they may only produce Fawn and Brindle but we will love them just the same!

Out on the trail, Nebolish are ready to wander with you out on the trail anywhere you may go!

Kimber photo at 18mos old is ready to have her own babies !

Spoiled Rotten.  Keegan, look at those feet...  we just love those Blue Babies!